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Boon specializes in custom-made, full-sublimated jersey design for your team. Here’s a list of our prices


Full Sublimation Pricelist

Description Price
Shirt USD 35
Reversible Tanktop USD 39
Sleeveless Shirt USD 23
Tanktop USD 19
Longsleeves USD 39
Shorts USD 33
Shorts (plain, no sublimation) USD 20

*Free shipping for orders of more than 40 pieces

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American Ultimate Disc League

Boon Technical Clothing is a proud partner and the official outfitter of the 2015 American Ultimate Disc League, the first and fastest growing professional ultimate disc league with 25 teams across United States and Canada. More info on





About Boon Technical Clothing

It all started with a passion for sports.
Being a climber and an ultimate frisbee player, Boon came up with a sports apparel line not just to provide color and clothing that would make players look good in their respective fields, but to give them a brand more than willing to make premium, full-sublimated jerseys available at highly competitive prices. The philosophy is simple: Everyone should be able to wear quality sports apparel at a friendly price-point. Boon wanted to break the notion that if a jersey is made with excellent quality, then it must be expensive.
What Makes Boon Different?
What gives Boon an edge is the construction of each and every jersey. All jerseys should pass the Boon standard before they get sent out to each player or team. This is the Boon Advantage.