Boon Technical Clothing started out as a two-man operation with founder Aldwin Ibanez and just one seamstress. In 2007, Boon began supplying limited-edition t-shirts and athletic apparel, primarily to sport climbers. The company experienced rapid growth as it caught on with the burgeoning running scene, providing jerseys and singlets for the many running events in the Philippines. From time to time, it also produced custom-made jerseys for local ultimate (more popularly known as Frisbee) teams.

In 2014, Ibanez partnered with fellow athletes John Larracas and Joseph Manzano, with the goal of bolstering Boon’s presence in the international ultimate scene. Focusing on providing customized, full-sublimated jerseys at highly competitive prices, Boon has since supplied jerseys to teams in such countries as Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Sweden. In 2015, the company became the official outfitter of the American Ultimate Disc League, the fastest growing professional ultimate disc league in North America.

More than merely producing sports apparel, Boon seeks to stay true its name by helping out those in need. A former national athlete, Ibanez understands the struggle of fellow athletes who are gifted, but who don’t have the means to compete here and abroad. Boon has thus made it a thrust to support deserving athletes, giving them the resources needed to showcase their talents in various competitions.